The Kiss Box      
Make your own simple Kiss Box
a new picture book
by Bonnie Verburg
pictures by Henry Cole
Published December 2011 Available now at bookstores and at your local library
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When Children Have Separation Anxiety, a Kiss Box Helps....
Sometimes Mamas and their little bears have to be apart.
     When that happens, a Kiss Box can help.  Here is a gentle story about a little boy with a good idea....  He makes a Kiss Box for Mama, so she can take his kisses with her. Mama makes a Kiss Box for Little Bear, too. Now, no matter when or why they are apart, they are always together where it matters their hearts.

The Kiss Box is a soothing story that will inspire you to make Kiss Boxes for the people you love. No matter how many kisses are taken from the box, it always remains full!
     And what Mama wouldn't want to have a home-made Kiss Box as a gift from her son or daughter? 
      A perfect gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, holidays, or any time at all, this book was written for children and their mamas--whether their separation is due to school, travel, a hospital stay or rehab, custody issues, or a trip to the grocery store. And making a Kiss Box is not only fun, it's simple and free!